Commercial Pest Control Las Vegas


Because our homes, office buildings and other businesses use flowers as a landscape decoration, it is only natural that you will have a large influx of the bee population in these areas. These bees can be a nuisance to homeowners, workers and others and for those who are allergic to bee venom, bees can even be life threatening. The most effective residential and commercial Pest Control Las Vegas company is Global Pest Services and they can help you remove and/or redirect you bee infestation problem.

What to do When You See a Bee

When you encounter a bee, know that they do not sting unless they feel threatened. Loud noises and strong odors can entice a bee and they may act aggressively towards their so-called “threat.” The best thing to do when you encounter a bee is to leave the area as fast as you can or go into a car, house or other enclosed structure. Going into water will not help since the bees will wait for you to emerge.  Also, cover yourself with your clothing because it may help to protect you from the bee’s stinger. A bee’s stinger is actually built to act like barbed wire and it is mostly used to penetrate thick surfaces like the skin of mammals.  By covering yourself with clothing, you may be able to deflect the stinger from penetrating your skin. If you have been stung, remove the stinger immediately. It does not matter if you scrape it out or dislodge the stinger by pulling it out, the sooner the better because the bee’s stinger continues to pump poison into your body the longer it sits. For more information regarding how to protect yourself from bees, feel free to contact our residential and commercial Pest Control Las Vegas Company – Global Pest Services.

Of course, the smartest thing to do to protect you and your home from a potential bee attack is to eliminate the bee population, but do not try to destroy the bee colony yourself. It takes the work of a trained professional to be able to successfully and effectively remove and relocate a bee colony. So, if you ever need help eliminating your bee infestation, be sure to contact our residential and commercial pest control Las Vegas Company by going to our website at We here at Global Pest Services wish you a happy and safe summer.