Professional Exterminators in Las Vegas

You will notice that unwanted creatures love to wander into your home during the summer because they too are trying to escape the summer’s ferocious heat.  Spiders such as the brown recluse and black widows lay their eggs during the summer months between May and July and are desperately looking for a comfortable environment for their babies to hatch. Unless you are unaware of the dangers some of these creatures pose, the summer season is the time to consider calling the most effective pest exterminators Las Vegas has to offer – the Global Pest Services.

Some insects such as the spiders mentioned above are extremely dangerous and if they are not tended to, you put you and your family at a higher risk for health related problems involving spiders. The Black Widow Spider is the most poisonous spider in North America and they are common in the Western part of the United States. Although they do not kill humans as much as people say they do, the more important thing to consider is that they have the ability to. Our professional pest control technicians are some of the best and most effective exterminators Las Vegas locals depend on to eliminate their spider infestation.

Other spiders include the brown recluse spider, or the infamous fiddleback spider. The brown recluse spider population has actually made their way to the Silver State and they are beginning to spread through the city of Las Vegas. They are almost common place, nowadays, here in the desert city of Las Vegas because of the heat and the areas of moisture.  It is extremely important that the public knows about these specific types of spiders and how to control their population because the brown recluse spider has a powerful life-threatening venom that can destroy living tissue. If you are not careful, they can even bite you while you are asleep. These spiders can be very dangerous and are often times very difficult to find and get rid of. A professional exterminator is one of the only ways to fully eliminate your brown recluse and pest problem.

If you have a family with small children or pets, it is extremely important that you consider taking care of your spider population in and around your home. The Global Pest exterminators can provide you with a free home inspection so that we are able to identify all the different types of insects, rodents and pests that may be living on your property. This way, you can know for sure whether or not to take action against the pest infestation.