Professional Pest Control Company in Las Vegas

Don’t you just love coming home after a long day’s work, to open the door, take off your shoes, dive and just melt away into your favorite furniture? Your home is supposed to be the most comfortable place in the known universe and it’s a place where we can just let loose and do whatever it is we want without anything or anyone telling us otherwise. It’s your place! The things you don’t want at your place are unwanted critters and creatures like roaches, spiders and other pests. Although insects like silverfish have never been proven harmful to human beings (even their waste) you don’t want living in your house any type of pest because they can make your place uncomfortable to be in. If you are afraid that your home may be infested by insects and/or other animals, we are an effective pest control company Las Vegas locals rely on to eliminate their infestation problem. We are the Global Pest Extermination Services.

Here in Las Vegas, there are many different types of insects that bother Las Vegas locals. During the summer, the temperatures here in the Vegas valley can consistently reach up to 115 degrees and so even the insects and rodents need an escape from the searing summer heat. Where do they go? That’s right - your very lovely home, and who can blame them? Just recently, Las Vegas homeowners and residents of the valley have been finding insects that they do not normally run into. The Brown Recluse, or the infamous fiddleback spider, was not known to have ever resided in the hot Las Vegas desert, but just recently, there are reports of people in the valley who have been bitten and seriously hurt by these insects. The brown recluse spider is known for its violin or fiddle shaped mark on or near its abdomen. Its bite is very dangerous and you should be very careful when dealing with them.

Another dangerous insect that has not until recently begun to infest Las Vegas homes are the desert scorpions. Many houses in the Henderson area of Las Vegas are swarming with desert scorpions that do not necessarily kill, but are a nuisance with a painful stinger. However, if you have small children and small pets, you want to be extremely cautious and do your best to remove these insects from your property because their poison can do great harm and even kill your children and pets. We are the most effective Pest control company Las Vegas has to offer and our professional team of exterminators can make sure that you and your family are safe.

So, remember, the summer heat will always bring in those summer bugs and other unwanted pests. As soon as the seasons begin to change you want to contact your pest control technician and schedule regular appointments. This way, you do not ever have to worry about ever running into or ever having to deal with pests again. Our professionally trained workers specialize in effectively removing unwanted pests from you home and so put trust in our services and call the most effective pest control company Las Vegas has to offer – the Global Pest Las Vegas exterminators.