american cockroach


One of the types of cockroaches that live in the Las Vegas Valley is the American cockroach and known by other names like “Bombay canary and “water bug”.  One thing is for certain most people agree that seeing a cockroach scurrying across the floor in your home is frightening and revolting at the same time.

The American cockroach is the largest house-infesting cockroaches – they can be up to 2 1/8 inches long with fully developed reddish brown wings.  This type of cockroach can be found around pipes and drains.  They also can be found in sewers and basements and after a rain storm the American cockroach will work their way into the home.

They can be found in office buildings or commercial spaces including factories, hospitals or hotels.  The American cockroaches seem to be active more in the spring and summer months and hibernate under leaves and debris during winter months.

American cockroaches usually get together to reproduce at night.  The male will walk around with its abdomen distended, wings erect and legs stiffened and attempt to back under the female – the copulation can last thirty minutes or longer.  The female only needs one male to produce more than one ootheca – a capsule or case that holds the eggs of her babies.  In the summer months the female can produce a capsule every four days and during colder months the interval could lengthen to 12 days.  The lifecycle of the eggs is they develop into full adult American Cockroaches on average 600 days. The adult female can live from 90 to 706 additional days, while the adult male lives from 90 to 362 additional days.

Here is a story of a bar in Los Angeles years ago – it seems the beer parlor had a very bad cockroach infestation and was going to call in a pest control professional.  They didn’t since all of a sudden they cockroaches disappeared.  It seems that the bartender started dumping the empty beer bottles in the basement of the bar and the bottles that has a bit of beer left in them attracted the cockroaches.  They found hundreds of dead cockroaches in the bottles – they crawled into the bottles but couldn’t get out.  This way of getting rid of cockroaches in not recommended – you should always contact a professional pest control company.

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