American house spiders are found in most of the states in the United States including Nevada.  They build their tangled webs that are typically Halloween looking  in or near human dwellings - often in secluded areas such as between loose walls and behind open doors and attic windows.   

American house spiders are generally dull in appearance usually with patterns consisting of brown shades of color and they have long skinny legs. Their average body size is a quarter-inch long, but they can be an inch or more across with legs outspread. These traits combined allow the spiders to blend into the background and escape notice.

A male and female often share the same web for long periods of time, and it is not uncommon for females to build their webs in close proximity. However, several females will fight each other on an encounter. This species can live for more than a year after reaching maturity.  A single female can produce up to 17 egg sacs and these sacs contain from 100 to over 400 eggs.  The hatchlings remain in the mother's web for several days.
American house spiders usually feed on household pests such as flies, mosquitoes, ants and wasps. They can randomly attack grasshoppers, butterflies, cockroaches or other spiders depending on their size. Once its food dries out on the web the spider usually drops it to the floor in order to free some space in its web, instead of destroying and rebuilding it or changing its location.

As these spiders live with human beings around their habitat and they are not usually aggressive and will even let a human hand approach their web. American house spiders possess poor vision and cannot detect any movement further than on a 3-4 inch interval. If cornered, they will pretend to be dead as a last resort. American house spiders will bite humans typically only in self-defense – especially if they are violently grabbed and squeezed.

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