The Las Vegas area gets hot in the summer months – from Boulder City to Summerlin the ants come out. Although tiny, they can quickly cause problems if they infest kitchens, bathrooms and other living spaces.


Ants are the most common insects that can be found in yards and gardens – most go unobserved living underground or out of sight. They find their way indoors through small cracks near utility pipes and the foundation of the home or damaged weather stripping round doors and windows. They come into the home looking for food and water.


They are a nuisance pest and hard to eradicate because once the home is marked as a source of food and water, other ants from a colony will follow the pheromone trail (a hormone secreted) left by the first ants. So even if you get rid of the ants you first encounter that might be the end of the problem.


Ants will eat practically any kind of food and are especially attracted to sweets. It is advised to keep your food in sealed storage containers and do not leave pet food and water bowls out for long periods of time.


If you suspect an ant infestation contact a licensed pest control professional to evaluate and eliminate the problem.


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