Summer in Las Vegas is monsoon season and with humidity in Summerlin and Henderson – with humidity comes mosquitoes. Mosquitoes spread more than just itchy welts – they can transmit painful and sometimes deadly diseases.

For most of us, mosquito bites are just a nuisance. And some people have it worse than others. At least 497 people in the continental U.S. as well as Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands have contracted the chikungunya virus so far this year, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention -- 140 of them in the past week alone.

What makes a person a mosquito magnet? The following are some reasons you could be a target for mosquitoes:

Carbon Dioxide - It turns out mosquitoes don’t bite randomly. Instead, they hone in on a victim by following a steady output of carbon dioxide. If you exercise vigorously, you would produce more carbon dioxide for a brief period.

Heat - People who are over heated or who just finished working out will have blood closer to the surface of the skin throughout their body. Mosquitoes can sense this and lock into a target.

Clothing – It is recommended to avoid wearing dark clothing - If you dress in dark colors you stand out against the horizon and mosquitoes can see you.

Beer -The results of a very small study suggest that drinking a bottle of beer could make you a target for mosquitoes, though CDC experts say there's no good evidence that consuming certain foods or drinks ups your risk for bites.

Exhaled Chemicals - The chemicals vary, but one is related to estrogen, which could be the reason women are often bitten by mosquitoes. Also the mosquitoes can get drawn in by lactic acid, CDC experts said. And people tend to produce more lactic acid when they're exercising.

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