Bed Bugs

It’s September and most people have come home after a summer vacation, however did you bring some bed bugs home with you?

The common bed bug aka Cimex Lectularius is a small bug only approximately 3/16 of an inch long and 1/8 of an inch wide and has an oval shape.  The bug is flat and the color is brown to reddish brown with a 3-segmented beak and 4-segmented antennae and vestigial wings.  They emit a distinctive” musty sweetish” odor that usually comes from undigested parts of their last blood meal.

So here is what to look for -Bed Bugs are small and oval in shape as well as being nocturnal pests that feed on blood of mammals and birds.  Since they like being close to their victim they like to hide in headboards, mattresses and bed frames. They might eventually move into closets and dressers. The key is to catch an infestation when it's relatively new – not an easy task. In small numbers bedbugs are hard to spot, however by the time you've had many itchy bites on your body, bed bugs already made themselves at home in your house for a while.

While you are away staying in a hotel you should keep personal items and baggage away from the sleeping areas and elevated off the ground. Some people bring large size garbage bags to keep their luggage in.  It’s also a good idea inspecting mattresses, box springs and headboards while looking for the insects themselves.  Also look for cast skins or eggs and also fecal smear, as well as the sheets (look for tiny stains) prior to sleeping in a hotel room or a vacation home. If you notice any of these things there is a good chance bed bugs were in that room.   Most of these stains would be a brownish color.

Bites can take up to a couple of weeks to show themselves so just because you don’t see a bite while you are staying somewhere on vacation does not mean you are in the clear. When you return home from a trip, inspect suitcases and other belongings before putting them away or even bringing them into the house. Wash all of your clothes in hot water even those that have not been worn.

If you feel you might have a bed bug infestation in your home contact a professional pest control company.

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