Bed Bugs



Many of us that live in the Las Vegas Valley will be travelling for the holidays – whether to visit family or going on vacation. If you are staying in a hotel you might bring bed bugs home with you on your return.


Bed bugs usually "hitchhike" into a home on clothing, luggage, furniture, pets, or people and the infestation spreads when the bugs feed and reproduce.


Here are some tips to help you avoid bed bugs from investing your home.


  • Inspect sheets, mattress pads and mattresses for signs of bed bugs upon checking into a hotel.
  • inspect the headboard, box spring and baseboard area behind the bed.
  • When you do travel put your luggage on the rack and not on the floor.
  • Also, hang your clothes. Don't just leave them around furniture or hotel dresser drawers.
  • Avoid visiting any locations that have had a bed bug infestation.
  • A spray bottle with rubbing alcohol is also good to spray down luggage and other items upon return before bringing them into the home.
  • Vacuum suitcases after returning home from vacation.
  • All clothing should be bagged before entering the home and immediately put in the wash.
  • Keep suitcases in a plastic trash bag or protective cover for the duration of their hotel stays.


Bed bugs that infest people's houses are usually a species called Cimex Lectularius, but other species can cause an infestation as well. Bed bugs were almost completely eradicated from human habitats in developed countries around 1940, but recently infestations have been on the increase. Bed bugs usually "hitchhike" into a home on clothing, luggage, furniture, pets, or people and the infection spreads when the bugs feed and reproduce.


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