Bed Bugs



Across the country and in the Las Vegas Valley bed bugs are busy infesting homes, offices – anywhere people congregate. From Summerlin to Henderson they will sneak in and take up residence.


The idea that only dirty people or cluttered homes attract the biting parasites is a myth. So is that they are only in beds and they only come out at night.


The Las Vegas bed bugs that infest people's houses are usually a species called Cimex Lectularius, but other species can cause an infestation as well. Bed bugs were almost completely eradicated from human habitats in developed countries around 1940, but recently infestations have been on the increase. Bed bugs usually "hitchhike" into a home on clothing, luggage, furniture, pets, or people and the infestation spreads when the bugs feed and reproduce.


An adult bed bug grows to be about 4 mm to 5 mm long and can be about 1.5 mm to 3 mm wide. A bed bug feeds on a host for several minutes. A bed bug usually feeds about once per week, but it can survive for longer periods of time without feeding. Bed bugs find their host by detecting carbon dioxide, which humans breathe out.


If you see bed bugs in Las Vegas and they manage to move in to your home or place of business, it's not likely you'll be able to get rid of them yourself.   We at GLOBAL PEST SERVICES are Las Vegas pest management professionals and will be able to eliminate your bed bug infestation.  It is important to treat this problem as soon as possible since bed bugs multiply quickly


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