There are several different types of carpenter ants in the United States and in Nevada the main carpenter ant is the Black Carpenter Ant.

The carpenter ant has one-segmented petiole - a slender abdominal segment joining the rest of the abdomen to the thorax.  The worker ants are 6-13 mm long and are polymorphic (the colony has many ants in a variety of sizes).

Carpenter ants will enter a building structure to either nest or forage.  The name carpenter comes from their excavating their nests in wood that creates smooth tunnels and galleries.  The colonies are formed after the mating flight of the winged male and female reproduces.  The nuptial flights usually begin in early spring and after mating the male dies.  The new colonies are monogyne and begin with a single queen.

The nest is where the queen lays her first eggs.  In about two to three weeks the eggs hatch into larvae and fed by the queen.  At the end of the larvae phase when the ants pupate and then become minor workers numbering anywhere from 10-25 ants.  This is when they start foraging, excavating and brood rearing within the colony.

In two years the population of a colony will consist of workers that range in size from small minors to large majors and anywhere between 3 to 5 years the population of a colony can be over 50,000 workers.  Mature or parent colonies will establish satellite colonies when needed to cover more territory or more resources or a drier warmer nesting spot for the development of larvae and pupae. The queen will stay in the parent colony and worker ants will travel between colonies on well defined routes.

The only time there is no activity is during winter months when the black carpenter ants go into a state of suspended animation.  The wood cavity of the nest provides insulation from the cold.

Black carpenter ants are primarily nocturnal and rely on physical cues and chemical trials for trips going to and from the nests.  They travel has much as 200 meters to forage for food.  The colony has a distinct cycle of protein consumption that happens to coincide with their reproduction process.

Black carpenter ants like moist spaces in homes so if you have a leak from the roof or pipes have it fixed as quickly as possible – if not this could be an invitation for an infestation.  Also holes and cracks in the lower parts of the walls where utility lines enter the homes are a good way for these ants and other pests to enter your home.

If you think you have an infestation contact a pest control professional as quickly as possible to get the situation under control otherwise this infestation could be very costly.

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