black widow spider


The Black Widow Spider also known in scientific jargon as Therididae is one of the most feared groups of spiders in the United States.  They can be located in every state of our country as well as most of the Western Hemisphere.

The black widow spider is probably the most recognized spider in the country.  The female is usually black and with two red triangular markings that look like an hour glass on the abdomen.  The female adult can be as large as ½ inch in body length, while males are about half that size and have some white markings as well as the red markings on the abdomen.

Eggs are laid in sacs made out of a silky substance that can be as large as ½ inch and the female black widow can produce from four to nine egg sacs during the span of one summer.  It is common for 300-400 eggs to be in each sac.  The female guards her egg sacs and will move them as necessary to repair her web.  After laying her eggs the female will be more likely to bite if her web is disturbed.  In 8-10 days the eggs will hatch and it can take two to four weeks for the spiderlings to emerge.  After that the spiderlings will climb to a high position and spin a strand of silk to catch the wind and be blown away to try their survival in another location.

One generation is standard per year.  The male averages about 71 days to mature and will live 30 days after if alone.  The average female matures in about 92 days and will live around 179 days longer.

Web vibration from the male and reciprocating movements from the female start the courtship – and contrary to what we believe that the female, most of the time, does not devour the male after mating.  In fact the male will live longer when associated with a mate as he acts like a parasite – feeding on prey captured by the female black widow.

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