Bed Bug Exterminator Las Vegas

Each year the number of bed bugs found in the United States is growing. These creatures are becoming more common and larger in numbers than ever before. These insects may look harmless when you first see them but they are anything but nice and harmless. Bed bugs get their name because they house themselves in the beds and couches of homes. Bed bugs will bite into human skin and ingest the blood from humans. These bugs are parasites and once they find a home where they can get the blood they need to survive they will not leave.

 It is not just the original bed bugs that you have to worry about. Bed bugs can lay over 200 eggs during their lifetime. This means that could be 200 new bugs in your bed if you don’t get rid of the original problem. Each of these 200 bugs then becomes a thirsty parasite and will feed on the closest food they can find. Each bite will leave a sore or mark that may become itchy and could lead to an infection. Bed bugs are not pleasant creatures. They are house guests that should be taken care of as soon as they arrive.

It is hard to determine what brings these guests into your home and how to avoid it, but be certain that once they are there you want to get rid of them. Global Pest is a bed bug exterminator Las Vegas can count on. They know the danger and annoyance of these pesky little creatures and will get them out of your way in no time. Whether you are struggling with these insects in your home, other insects, or any other unwanted guests in or around your home, Global Pest provides the Las Vegas pest control company has to offer.