camel cricket



The change of season in Las Vegas is upon us and whether you live in Spring Valley or Seven Hills camel crickets can become a nuisance at this time of year.


Camel crickets are common all over the world - they tend to go indoors during dry weather conditions and the Las Vegas Valley is certainly arid.


They are similar in appearance to the animal they are named after – light to dark brown with a hump back appearance. The camel cricket has long antennae and six legs. They are nocturnal insects and rely on their sense of touch.


The camel cricket does not produce sound and the adults of the species do not have wings so they jump when frightened.


Outside they live in wells, woodpiles and mulch. If they do get into the home they tend to like basements, utility rooms, garages and crawl spaces. When inside they like to eat fabrics like curtains or clothing which makes them a nuisance pest.


Camel crickets pose no health threats to people. They will stay indoors because of dry conditions outside so it is important to reduce the moisture areas. Keep all rooms well ventilated and the wood piles outside should be kept at least 20 feet away from the house.


If you think you have a camel cricket infestation contact a licensed pest professional.


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