capet beetles


Carpet beetles are fairly common pests in homes and businesses - these insects will do damage to fabrics and they are known to be a pest in food products as well.  Carpet beetles occur naturally outdoors and then make their way into buildings.  They may enter through improperly sealed or improperly screened doors and windows or through other cracks.

The carpet beetle can be a very destructive pest and mostly found throughout the United States, Canada and Mexico – however not much of a nuisance in Europe. While in larva stage they can live from 258 to 639 depending on room temperature, food and humidity – to eliminate these pest vigorous cleaning or brushing your clothes and frequent vacuuming should eliminate a good amount of the carpet beetles.  The best way to rid your home of carpet beetles is to contact a professional pest control company.

The Black Carpet Beetle is considered the most destructive carpet beetle in the United States and feeds more often on stored food rather than fabrics. The adult Black Carpet Beetle is black in color and oblong shaped and ranges in size from 1/8" up to 3/16" in length. Larvae of the Black Carpet Beetles are fairly distinctive.  They are quite hairy and are striped tan and white in color.  It is this stage of the insect that actually ingests the fabric or other food.

There are three other carpet beetles – the Varied, Common and Furniture Carpet Beetles. . They are around the same size as the Black Carpet Beetle there will be a variety of different wing color patterns and they appear to be somewhat more oval in shape. Carpet beetles go through complete metamorphosis which includes egg, larvae (crawling stage), pupae (cocoon) and adult (beetle).   

Carpet beetle larvae may damage carpeting, clothing, hair, fur and animal hides.  They will also feed on the fur left on animal carcasses such as from mice, rats or squirrels that may have died inside of a wall, below a floor or in the ceiling or in an attic.  They will chew irregular holes in fabrics including wool carpeting, but often feed on the nap of the fabric without eating the base threads.  A common food source for carpet beetles is pet hair.  In areas around or behind furniture, accumulation of hair may provide ample food for this pest.  Beetles can fly and are frequently found near windows because they are attracted to light.

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