Mosquitoes carrying the deadly West Nile virus have been discovered in the Las Vegas Valley with six cases of the virus reported already this year. We experienced a lot of rain in short periods of times in Henderson and in North Las Vegas causing shallow stagnant pools of water – good breeding areas for mosquitoes – the carrier of West Nile.


In the last three years we have seen fatalities from the West Nile Virus but the overall number of cases has been on the decline. The Clark County Department of Public Works and the Water Reclamation District have found a cheaper, more environmentally friendly way to attack the mosquito problem - FISH!


Gambusia affinis, a small, unassuming freshwater fish, has a big appetite, especially for mosquitoes. Commonly called mosquitofish, one tiny fish can consume over 100 mosquito larvae each day. The fish live two to three years, giving birth to three or four broods per year. They prefer sunlit ponds and lakes and dislike shaded areas which make them suitable to the Nevada climate.


The flood channels and washes on the outskirts of Las Vegas are proving to be the most beneficial way to spread the fish population, which swim downstream to reach as many bodies of water where the mosquitoes breed as possible. By dumping a large amount of the fish at once, it helps provide the widest coverage.  But, there’s promise in even depositing small amounts of fish, which means this fishy phenomenon can prevent many cases of West Nile virus from happening all over Vegas.


The Department of Public Works recently deposited 300 mosquitofish into small pools of water on the Desert Rose Golf Course that was severely flooded from storms last year and attracted a great amount of mosquitoes. Mostly the fish are placed on county properties, which allow the Department of Public Works to “recycle” the fish by catching them downstream and putting them back in the district’s system again upstream.


The Water Reclamation District now breed their own mosquitofish at the wastewater treatment plant. They hope one day to replace the chemical and bacterial treatments now being used with the mosquitofish.


If you suspect an infestation of mosquitoes or any other pest contact a licensed pest control professional to evaluate and eliminate the problem.


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