Dust mites are the cause of most concerns in most people’s homes in Las Vegas and all over the world. It is a pest that adapts to thrive in human surroundings and homes.

There is no escaping them even though their presence has been linked to some troubling human ailments. The known number of different types of mites now exceeds 48,000. While they can be found outdoors in gardens and a swimming pool, it is mites that live in houses that most concern people.

Many species of mites are parasitic in their habits. While you are sitting down to read this blog you have microscopic mites all over your body eating dead skin, fungus, and hair oils. These rarely cause any symptoms however they can affect a trigger for allergies or asthma.

The dust mite measures less than half a millimeter. It is just barely visible when placed on a light background. Magnified, they have an appearance that can keep people awake at night. It is best not to think about them too much unless they are causing trouble in the home. Some people develop allergies to the waste that house dust mites produce. This can cause acute asthmatic reactions as well as chronic respiratory ailments and irritations. House dust mite waste can also irritate dermatitis in a small segment of the population. People with sensitivities to the presence of dust mites can find relief from medication. Eliminating mites from a house is nearly impossible.

House dust mites live in homes all over the world since most homes have constant temperatures. Bedrooms are of particular concern however they live in furniture and carpets in all rooms – wherever they find conditions that suit them. Mattresses are their particular niche as well as pillows where the moisture from people's breath provides them with optimal humidity for their habits.

As their name suggests they live off the dust in a house and the most common ingredient in household dust is shed human skin. This is what makes bedding an ideal environment. As people sleep, they shed tiny fragments of dead skin that settles into the mattress and provides a feast for house dust mites.  It is recommended to wash your bedding once a week and vacuum often.

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