Earwigs get their name from an urban legend that says during the night they prey on people’s brains by crawling in their ears. Obviously, this isn’t true, but finding a large earwig infestation can be an unsettling discovery. We in the Las Vegas Valley find earwigs from time to time in our homes.

The most frightening aspect of the earwig is the set of evil-looking pincers that they carry as a tail. The pincers, in fact, can do little damage. Though they look sharp they are not sharp enough to pierce human skin. The muscles that control the pincers are strong enough to hold the small bugs on which an earwig feeds and may be able to suspend the insect for a moment, but they are not a weapon people need to fear. In fact, earwigs are relatively benign pests, although no one wants to find them in the house. They have not been linked to the spread of any disease and they are non-venomous.

Earwigs have been found in Europe, Asia and the Americas. They were first reported in North America in the early 1900s, most likely as stowaways from Europe or Asia.

Earwigs can enter a home through cracks and crevices that may be too small to notice. Earwigs will find them and inhabit the walls of a dwelling where they breed and scavenge meals. Their live approximately one year during which they molt several times before laying eggs that will bear the next generation. They eat both plants and other insects, and they will consume household food if available.

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