lightning bug


As we know a major percentage of the population of the Las Vegas Valley came from other areas of the country and spent time catching fireflies’ also known as lightening bugs.  It’s a bit of nostalgia – outside- armed with a jar with holes in the lid and catching a bit of magic – bringing them home only to release them back into the air since you didn’t want them to die.

The following are some facts about fireflies:

Fireflies aren’t flies at all – they are beetles. Fireflies are nocturnal members of the Lampyridae family. The name comes from the Greek “lampein,” which means to shine.

The light that some fireflies produce is extremely efficient. Actually it’s the most efficient light in the world! Nearly 100% of the chemical reaction’s energy becomes light. The light that fireflies produce may be green, yellow or orange in color. They have light organs that are located beneath their abdomens.

Fireflies flash in patterns that are unique to each species and the blinking pattern is used to help them find potential mates. Male fireflies typically fly through the air in search of a female by emitting a species-specific flashing pattern. Some fireflies only flash once, while others do so up to nine times. The females sit on the ground and wait until they see a light display that impresses them. The female will show her interest by responding with a single flash, timed to follow the males’ characteristic flashes in a species-specific manner.

The fireflies use their light to ward off predators.  Also firefly blood contains a defensive steroid called lucibufagins - this makes them unappetizing to potential hunters. Once predators get a bite of a firefly they associate the unpleasant taste with firefly light and avoid attacking the lightning bugs in the future.

When a firefly becomes an adult they may eat pollen, nectar or nothing at all! There few species that are carnivorous through adulthood eat other types of fireflies.

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