Bees, Wasps, Hornets, Yellow Jackets

Spring is one of the nicest times in the Las Vegas Valley. All around our wonderful area flowers are blooming and the bees will be drawn to the aroma of the flowering plants.  Southern Nevada has many different types of bees and wasps that come out at this time of year and can be found all over the area.

A bee has what appears to be a hairy body and wasps look smooth and slick.  Wasps like to feed on protein – like spiders and other inspects and since they are have a scavenging nature they are more of a nuisance to humans.  Bees feed on pollen, nectar and sometimes honey.

Africanized honey bees have made it to Las Vegas and these types of bees are far more aggressive than others.  They will viscously attack if they feel there is a threat to themselves and their nests.  They are no more poisonous than other honey bees however the sheer amount of stings they attack with can be serious for anyone that is stung.  If this happens call for immediate medical attention since too many bites can cause a very bad reaction and cause real damage to any person.

Bees and wasps will build a nest in many places on your home or in a tree on your property.  Do not try to remove it by yourself.  If you think you have a hive or nest on your property call a professional pest control company to remove it. 

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