Bed Bugs


School is out and vacation plans have been made for many Las Vegas Valley families.  Everyone loves to go and explore a new place or go visit other family members – there is one pest you must be prepared for when away – BED BUGS.

These nocturnal pests come out of the mattress and the bedding to sink their teeth into sleeping humans and suck their blood. They hitchhike on people from one location to another.  Once bed bugs settle into an environment, they're very tough to stop.

Bed bugs typically first install in sleeping areas, but they eventually move into closets, dressers, even behind picture frames. The key is to catch an infestation when it's relatively new -- which is easier said than done. In small numbers bedbugs are hard to spot- by the time you've had many itchy bites on your body, bed bugs already made themselves at home in your house for months.

Below are some tips to prevent Bed Bugs form invading your home:

1. Get educated -Read up on bed bugs and how they spread. Know what the bites and the bugs look like.

2. Start snooping- When was the last time you turned over your mattress and inspected the underside? That's the first place you're likely to find bugs. Also take a look at the box springs, head boards, footboards and bed rails. Using white sheets for bedding can also help in finding blood spots.   

  1. Save a sample- If you think you see a bed bug, grab it with tweezers and put it in a small container with rubbing alcohol, or pick it up with clear tape then tape it to a piece of paper.
  2. When traveling keeping personal items and baggage away from the sleeping areas and elevated off the ground.   Inspecting mattresses box springs and headboards prior to sleeping in a hotel room.   Bites can take up to a couple of weeks to show themselves so just because you don’t see a bite while you are staying somewhere on vacation does not mean you are in the clear.   
  3. Upon returning home from a trip, inspect suitcases and other belongings before bringing them into the house. Wash all of your clothes - even those that have not been worn - in hot water to ensure that any bed bugs that may have made it that far are not placed into your drawers/closet.

  4. Call a professional pest control company.

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