black widow spider



When we think of spiders we envision creepy crawlers that we see in haunted houses and horror movies as well as the spiders we see in our homes. Most of these pests we encounter in our houses in Green Valley, Mountain’s Edge or Southern Highlands pose no threat to people.


However there are two species of spiders that live in the Las Vegas Valley that can cause serious harm when disturbed – the black widow and the brown recluse. The following is a guide to help you identify some of the common spiders found and the threat hey can pose to us:


Black Widow – are black and shiny with a red mark on their back. They like to reside in woodpiles, under eaves and in boxes. They like to weave their webs near ground level. The male of the species rarely bites but the female is known to be aggressive and does bite. Symptoms of a bite include fever, increased blood pressure, sweating and nausea. Seek medical attention in a timely manner – there hasn’t been a death in the United States from a black widow bite in more than a decade.


Brown Recluse – are light to dark brown with a darker brown marking on their back. They also like to dwell in woodpiles, debris, under furniture, and in dark places like closets, attics and crawlspaces. The brown recluse bite in defense – the bites are often painful and can produce an open, ulcerating sore that will require medical attention. Other symptoms include restlessness, fever and difficulty sleeping.


Common House Spiders – are mostly yellowish-brown with an elongated abdomen. They like to be inside and found in corners, under furniture, basements, closets, and garages. They are a nuisance pest and pose no threat.


Jumping Spiders – are usually black and compact in shape with short legs. They can be found both inside and outside. Inside they are usually found around doors and windows. Jumping spiders have been known to bite but their bite is not poisonous.


Long-bodied Cellar Spiders – are pale yellow to light brown with skinny legs and a small body. They are usually found in dark damp places like cellars, basements, garages, inside closets, and sink cabinets. Cellar spiders do not bite.


Wolf Spiders – are dark brown and have some hair on their body. Inside they tend to stay near the floor – along walls and under furniture. Wolf spiders can bite but it’s extremely rare.


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