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Pests are capable of undermining the quality and longevity of the home improvements you've have made to your home. They aren't merely a nuisance- many of them are downright destructive.  Here are some tips to protect the integrity of your home.

Your deck is an attractive target for pests, especially wood-boring and wood-destroying insects like carpenter bees and termites. To ensure that your deck can stand up to the threat, be sure to build only with pretreated lumber to deter pests. Remember to refinish the deck periodically so as not to leave raw wood exposed.

The warmth of a fireplace with a flickering flames on a blustery night— fireplaces have become a popular feature with homebuyers. Installation requirements vary widely and you'll probably need to install a stovepipe or flue—an exit for the smoke. The trick is to make sure this exit doesn't become an entrance for pests. Fortunately, keeping out these intruders is as simple as installing a chimney cap. Once in place, a chimney cap keeps the exhaust passage clear, allowing the dangerous by-products of combustion to escape outdoors without letting anything else in.

An important safeguard measure, whether on your own or with a pest professional take care to inspect the exterior foundation walls. If you find any gaps immediately patch them up or seal them closed. Only then can you consider your basement safe from termites and other wood-destroying insects.

Tree branches in close proximity to the roof can act as a bridge for pests like termite’s carpenter ants and roof rats. If you expect a long-lasting problem-free roof over the years it's essential to trim back any overgrown trees.

The clothes dryer vent -unless you take preventive steps insects and rodents can exploit this vent as an entry point. Ensure that the vent includes a damper, a component that opens to make way for exiting air and closes to discourage pests. Provide an added measure of security by caulking around the vent or positioning steel wool where the vent cover meets the siding material.

Gutters on the home –if not regularly cleared of leaves and debris, gutters inevitably clog.  From there, it's only a matter of time before storm water pools and stagnates, becoming a beacon and a breeding ground for mosquitoes and other insects, some of which can do real harm to your home. As much as you may dread the chore, it’s crucial to keep your gutters clean.

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