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In recent years insects from other countries have been introduced to the United States including Las Vegas. Pests hitching rides from overseas in cargo ships and planes or residents bringing them here intentionally or accidently.


Pests that are foreign to our country are called invasive pests and often don't have natural predators in the U.S., causing their unregulated populations to grow abnormally quickly.


Many of the invasive species are known to cause extensive property damage, spread disease and can pose significant threats to the U.S. agricultural industry. According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, invasive species cause economic losses estimated at $137 billion per year. Some of these invasive insects and mammals have made nationwide headlines in the last few years.


One such invasive species is the giant African land snail. These enormous mollusks are believed to have first been imported as pets and for educational purposes. They can cause structural damage to plaster and stucco and also can carry a parasitic nematode that can lead to a rare and serious form of meningitis in humans who touch them. The African land snail can get as large as a rat lives up to eight years.


Another invasive insect is the conehead termite – it has the potential to cause structural and environmental damage. Originally these termites came from the Caribbean and first found on the mainland of North America in Florida.

Their name comes from the distinctive teardrop-shaped head of soldier conehead termites. They are highly adaptable and will quickly consume anything wood - trees, shrubs, roots, structures, fences, wooden furniture, scrap wood, paper products and likely most other items made from cellulose. Conehead termites are hard to control because they're able to survive in a large variety of habitats across a broad geographic range.

If you see either of these invasive species contact a licensed professional pest control company as these are extremely hard pests to deal with on your own.

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