Las Vegas is a wonderful city to live in – there is so much to do and most of the year we have great weather.  BUT we also have several bugs and pests (a lot less than other places) that are THE UNWANTED.  We are going to write a series on each of these offenders – if you have a problem with bugs or pests please contact us at GLOBAL PEST SERVICES or 702-657-0091.


Our first on the UNWANTED LIST is ANTS 


Las Vegas has several different species of ants – some sting and most bite but they all cause a great deal of annoyance and destruction when they form a colony in or around your home.  Ants are well organized and difficult to control as they reproduce very quickly.  They have been around for over 350 million years.


Ants, in general are very social – they live in colonies that are usually found in the ground and will feed on almost any kind of food.  If they have entered your home they will look for protein or sweets to eat.  


Fire ants in Spring Valley have a copper brown head and body and can inflict a painful sting or bite.  They are ground nesters and found inside near the kitchen or somewhere warm like a fireplace.  Outside they can be in clumps of grass or under rocks or stones.  Fire ants will feed on almost anything – food, clothing and electrical wires to name a few.


Black ants in Summerlin are as their name says black.  They usually form their nests outside but sometimes will be indoors.  Their food of choice is sweet human food and honey dew from aphids.


Carpenter Ants in Henderson are also black.  They like to nest in wood by hollowing out spots that can cause structural damage to your home.  They bite but do not sting and the “swarmer” black ants can fly is search of a good place to start a new colony.  They can be found in rotting fence posts, stumps and dead portions of standing trees.


Argentine Ants in Boulder City are light to dark brown in color.  They originated in South America and most likely got here via coffee ships.  They are usually found near moist areas and Argentine ant colonies will mix with each other and form what is called supercolonies. Because of the sheer size of these colonies they will drive out other insects. They will eat almost anything but prefer sugars and syrups.


People are advised to get their properties sprayed on a regular basis.  To get rid of ants in the Las Vegas Valley contact GLOBAL PEST SERVICES.  The licensed professional technicians are well trained in eliminating all pests – including all types of ants.  Get your quote now!


Let us know what’s bugging you…