Bees, Wasps, Hornets, Yellow Jackets


The city of Las Vegas has many attractions and activities to do outside and there is a chance you might encounter BEES, WASPS, HORNETS and YELLOW JACKETS – the next pest(s) on the UNWANTED LIST.

The warm weather season is the time to be on alert for all flying pests in the bee category.  Bees can be found in all parts of the Las Vegas Valley – from Anthem to Summerlin.

Bees have their beneficial qualities – pollinating abilities in farming and in gardening and eliminating other insects that can do harm to our food supply.  Mostly they are thought of as pests – stinging pests that can cause an allergic reaction in many people.  

If you come across a bee hive call a professional pest control company to remove it.  Hives are dangerous so contact GLOBAL PEST SERVICES immediately at or 702-657-0091 – our professional technicians have the training to safely remove the hive.

Carpenter Bees as the name implies like untreated wood and cause damage to your home by boring holes.  To prevent these holes you should have wood surfaces stained, varnished or painted.

Wasps are more aggressive and are more of a nuisance than bees although they look very much alike.  They build their hives in trees, beneath homes and under gutters using particles of wood to build the nest, and if encountered are more likely to sting.  Wasps also can cause damage to wood.

Hornets are more hostile than wasps – sometimes big wasps are referred to as hornets.  The nests they build are similar to the wasps home but they use paper in the construction process.  A hornets sting can cause the same type of allergic reaction as a bee sting.

Yellow jackets have a similar appearance as bees but again more aggressive like hornets and wasps.  They feed on various dead insects and also like people food especially sweet sugary items.  Yellow jackets have been known to build their nest in the attics of homes and garages as well.

To get rid of bees etc. in the Las Vegas Valley contact GLOBAL PEST SERVICES.  The licensed professional technicians are well trained in eliminating all pests – including all types of bees.  Get your quote now!

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