Spiders are the next pest on the Las Vegas UNWANTED LIST. Many of us in Las Vegas are afraid of spiders even though most house spiders are harmless. Whether you live in Summerlin or Boulder City some spiders found in your home are beneficial as they feed on other insects.

Spiders will bite humans if they are feeling threatened - but most spider bites are harmless. All spiders have four pairs of legs –they move these legs two different ways. The first method is their muscles flex the limbs and second is hydraulic pressure which is necessary to move them back to an extended position. Spiders that jump also use hydraulic pressure so they can jump high.

Most spiders have four pairs of eyes – each pair are different sizes. The central frontal pair of eyes can form images – the others are more rudimentary. They also have touch sensors and chemical detectors called setae.

Female spiders are capable of laying thousands of eggs in a single egg sac. Unlike other species of pests the female spider is larger than the male.

Here in the desert of Las Vegas we have four types of spiders – they are:

Common House Spiders are usually the most encountered spiders in the home. They are considered nuisance pests mostly because of the webs they weave than the spider itself as this type of spider is harmless.

The Black Widow Spider is one of the most common spiders found in the Las Vegas Valley. They are black as the name implies with a red hour-glass shaped marking. Their bite can cause symptoms ranging from mild to severe – clammy skin, difficulty breathing, vomiting and in some cases unconsciousness. If you think a black widow has bitten you seek medical attention immediately.

Camel Spiders are camel colored with striped markings and look a lot like a scorpion. They are not venomous but they have large jaws and bite causing a ragged wound that can easily get infected. If bitten by a camel spider go to a doctor for antibiotics.

Brown Recluse or Fiddleback Spiders are light brown and have long straight legs. They usually do not bite but will if they feel threatened. If they do bite you might experience burning or itching – more severe symptoms include fever, nausea and muscle aches. If you show signs of infection please see a doctor.

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