bugs and rodents



What would life be in the Las Vegas Valley without pest control? Scary and dangerous from Summerlin to Henderson – it would be life changing. We in the United States take pest control for granted but other areas of the world are not as fortunate.


Mosquitoes for instance carry diseases and can cause death from malaria – in other countries more than one million people die a year.


How about if bees, hornets and wasps went unchecked. Bites from stinging insects already send 500,000 people to the hospital per year – if we had no pest control the numbers would be a lot greater.


The number of ticks, rodentsfleas and cockroaches would literally be uncontrollable. The diseases they spread – Encephalitis, Hantavirus, Salmonellosis, West Nile Virus and many more would become much more common here.


There have been studies that over 50 percent of our crops would be destroyed without pest management. Most everything we eat is touched by pest control.


Without pest management would you want to eat at a restaurant? The cockroach and rodent population would be so out of control these pests would be running through any eating establishment.


We are lucky to live in a country that takes pest control seriously and thankful for the professional pest management industry.


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