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I know most people have some fear when they see insects or pest in their home however in reality many insects are beneficial to humans and the environment. Without insects, the environment would be quite different than it is now, and could not function the way it currently does.

 On the top of the list of services insects provide is pollination. There are some plants that self-pollinate or are wind pollinated and then there are many flowering plants that rely on insects to transport their pollen to other flowers.  Bees are best known as insects that collect pollen from one flowering plant and bring it to another.  There are also checkered beetles that pick up pollen as well.  Without bees, many of the plants we rely on wouldn’t be able to reproduce and then produce many of the fruits we eat such as apples and blueberries.

 Of course, insects are also an important part of the food chain and a direct food source for many animals, including humans.   In some countries insects such as beetle grubs, termites, and honeybees, are commonly prepared and eaten as food.  In this country some insects are eaten as a novelty.

As far as food products from insects are concerned the largest food product is honey – developed by honey bees from the nectar of flowers they have collected from pollinating.

Without insects the planet would be overrun with trash.  Dead leaves and lots of refuse are all fed upon by insects. Another important benefit of insects is their role in decomposition of organic matter. Museum workers take advantage of this fact, using established colonies of carpet beetles to clean skeletons of mammals. Carpet beetles feed on almost anything organic, including cereals, carpets, and even dried insects in collections.

The balance of nature depends on the activities of parasites and predators, the majority of which are insects. Many insects, including caterpillar hunter beetles, pirate bugs, and praying mantises, keep populations of herbivorous insects in check.

An important part of the environment is the pleasure we derive from its beauty—from the insect population -the wings of a butterfly. Over thousands of years people have frequently used insects in various areas of art as items to please the senses. Early Egyptians chose a scarab beetle as a symbol of their Sun god, and bees were depicted on ancient Grecian coins. In Latin America, many native Indian groups used the brightly colored wing covers of certain beetles for necklaces and earrings

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