Homeowners in Las Vegas and all other cities in the United States find ants the biggest nuisance pest and the most common insect they call pest control professionals into the home to eliminate. These pests are prevalent all over the Las Vegas Valley from Centennial Hills to Henderson.


In a recent National Pest Management Association (NPMA) survey three types of ants were cited as the biggest problem inside a structure – the carpenter ants, odorous house ants and pavement ants.


All ants are social – so when they have invaded your home they do so in very large numbers. Ants have a division of labor –worker ants and reproductive ants. Sometimes there is more than one reproductive queen ant present and to eliminate the infestation getting rid of the queens in the ant colony is essential.


Ants are not usually involved with disease transmission so they do not pose a threat to humans although the sheer number of ants can be overwhelming because they like to inhabit living areas with moisture – kitchens and bathrooms.


Carpenter ants are a cause of additional concern because they can be structurally damaging. They will excavate wood to build a nesting site and trails to forage for food. They come in a variety of sizes within a colony however they all have a smooth thoracic dorsum.


Odorous house ants have many queens and many homes. They are usually found under pieces of wood or debris in landscaping. If your trees or shrubs are too close to your home they have easy access to the inside. They do not cause structural damage but the sheer numbers of the odorous house ant can be overwhelming to a homeowner.


Pavement ants also have many queens and can be found under rocks or pavement where they build their nests. These ants are one size and have a stinger. Since the nests are found underground there can be a problem with management.


If you think you have an ant infestation contact a licensed pest professional.


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