This past summer there was a news story on local Las Vegas rat infestations – rats have been noticed from Henderson to Centennial Hills and all neighborhoods in between.


The Southern Nevada Health District stated more people have reported noticing rats all over town- over 35 of the zip codes in southern Nevada since 2003.


One resident said “I was sleeping and heard a ruckus in the bathroom. I went in there and we had a huge rat in there. It was pretty scary, especially with little kids.”


Another Las Vegas resident said her cats have been bringing them home – thankfully most have been dead when brought home. She added “These guys look like river rats. They’re huge, they have long tails.”


A spokesperson for the Southern Nevada Health District, Vivek Raman, said the District traps rats twice a year for surveillance – they have tested around 250 since 2003.


Raman stated “The good news is we found no diseases. The bad news is we did find a very healthy, robust rat population in the Valley.”


The most common rat in the Las Vegas Valley is the roof rat – not native to our area. They came here on palm trees and shipping/cargo containers.


The roof rat likes to live near people and all the amenities – swimming pools provide a constant source of water. Fruit trees offer these rats a food supply as does left out pet food.


Roof rats can produce six to eight offspring three or four times a year. They are invasive and destructive – they chew on electric wires in the home and in cars. If you spot any rodent it is imperative to call a pest control company.


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