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There is nothing like a real Christmas tree in your home in Las Vegas. The smell of the tree invokes childhood memories in Summerlin, Spring Valley and Seven Hills.


Almost all real Christmas trees can harbor insects, mites and spiders. None of these pests can do harm to your home and its contents. Some of these can become active when exposed to the warm temperatures inside the home.


Mechanical tree shakers that are available at some lots are useful in removing some of these pests from your tree. Also shaking the tree before brining it inside will help rid your tree of these insects. If you find egg masses of gypsy moths or praying mantids they should be removed as well.


Do not use any aerosol sprays on the tree as they are flammable or any other chemical based product. When you take down the tree at the end of the season make sure to vacuum the area well and don’t forget to clean the ceiling.


The following is a list of pests you might encounter:


Adelgids – they are insects that secrete cottony wax filaments around its body. Usually they remain sedentary and do not leave the tree and are basically harmless.


Bark Beetles- they usually bore into the trunk of the tree creating small holes, but are not a threat to your furniture.


Mites- they are no threat as they mainly stay on the tree where they will prey on insect and mite eggs.


Praying Mantids- they usually will be found attached to conifer limbs. Eggs might hatch after being indoors for several weeks.


Spiders – the spiders found on Christmas trees are no threat to humans or pets. If they do come off the tree they can be easily vacuumed up.


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