Roof rats, also known as black rats, are scurrying around the Las Vegas Valley. They have infested homes in Anthem, Boulder City and Summerlin. A few years ago they even set up residence in Mayor Goodman’s neighborhood in the Scotch Pines in central Las Vegas.


They were brought to Southern Nevada in recent years via shipments of palm and fruit trees. Many businesses that import large quantities of trees for landscaping inspect their shipments and destroy any roof rats they find before they plant them on their properties.


February and March is the peak breeding months for roof rats. These rats like to set up residence in the attics of homes and gnaw through wires. People do not give them credit for being intelligent creatures. Besides being smart they are also good swimmers, good climbers and highly adaptable.


Roof rats are nocturnal and most likely will only be seen at night but if you do see them during daylight hours you probably have a large infestation. One important item to note is to keep all the areas in your home dry – roof rats cannot survive without water.


The Clark County Health District advises anyone that thinks they have a roof rat infestation to contact a pest control services as soon as possible.


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