Just mention the word scorpion and most people in Las Vegas shake with fear. Our desert climate is really good for many varieties of of the next pest on the MOST “UNWANTED LIST”.


Scorpions can be found throughout the world except for Antarctica and New Zealand. They are easily recognized with eight legs, oversized claws and stinger-armed tails.


There are over 1700 individual species – with as many as 25 species that are venomous to humans. Scorpions live between 5 and 25 years and grow to be as large as 5 inches in length. They primarily reproduce during the Spring and Fall – so you can expect to see more scorpions during these seasons.


Scorpions usually are nocturnal to avoid their predators – birds and rats. They usually feed on small insects. They like to hide in cool dark spots like under rocks. An interesting trait of the scorpion is they become fluorescent under ultraviolet lights such as blacklights. This is used by many pest control experts to find these pests and eliminate them.


There are around 23 species of scorpions in the Las Vegas Valley – the bark scorpion is the main problem around Summerlin, Henderson and the rest of the areas that make up Las Vegas because their stings can be deadly if not treated.


The bark scorpionis not native to Las Vegas.  They came here on/in palm tress and other desert landscaping that people have planted in their yards.  Just one palm tree can have hundreds of scorpions hiding in them.


Unlike most scorpions, the bark scorpion stays around moist, wet areas – like a backyard pool.  Also can be found in kitchens and bathrooms under the sinks.  Since they are small and blend with landscaping they can be missed and accidentally stepped on – so it is advised to wear shoes at all times.


The bark scorpion is venomous and dangerous to young children, the elderly, people that are in poor health and those that suffer an allergic reaction to the sting. If you come across the bark scorpion or any other it is advised to CONTACT AN EXTERMINATOR.


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