If you live in the Las Vegas area you will at some point come across a scorpion.  Did you know that scorpions are one of the oldest groups of anthropods -an exoskeleton animal or insect with a segmented body and paired jointed appendages?

Scorpions are easily recognizable by their enlarged pincer-like pedipalps appendages and long thin tail that has a stringer.  They are more active at night so you should always wear shoes both outside and in your home so you won’t step on one and get stung.

The most common scorpions in our area are the bark scorpion and the desert scorpion. The bark scorpion is the main problem in Las Vegas because their stings can be deadly if not treated. The best time to inspect your home and property for scorpions is at night.  All scorpions have a tendency to become fluorescent under ultraviolet lights, such as blacklights. A bark scorpion can appear to glow with a color similar to fluorescent green color at night, an oddity that is often used to detect these nocturnal predators. 

Bark scorpions are easily recognized with two broad darker color bands on the dorsal side of the abdomen. They also have eight legs, oversized claws and a stinger-armed tail. They usually feed on small insects. Since they are small and blend with landscaping they can be missed and accidentally stepped on. The popularity of irrigated lawns, and other systems which increase environmental humidity in residential areas, has led to a considerable increase in the number of these pests.

Desert scorpions are also known as the Hadrurus arizonensis and are the largest scorpion in North America.  They live in the southwest part of the country since they are desert dwellers.  This scorpion likes to burrow in sand and like other scorpions is nocturnal.

Once you have identified an infestation it is highly recommended you hire a licensed professional pest control company to eliminate the scorpions.  It is advised once you have the situation under control make sure you eliminate anything that might provide a food source for these pests – like emptying garbage cans on a regular basis.  

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