Silverfish pose no danger to humans however they are quite ugly bugs that can be found in homes in all areas of the Las Vegas Valley.  They are so other worldly in their appearance that they have inspired many a nightmare as well as monsters in movies and fiction.

They have thin, pale bodies either silvery or brown with fine scales, feathery legs, and have darting, sinuous movements that make them disappear in a flash before they can be captured or killed. They are common in many houses but, being nocturnal creatures, people rarely see them. When they do discover a silverfish it is always an unpleasant surprise for both the insect and the person.

Silverfish are not known to transmit diseases to people but can cause damage to the contents of your home.  Silverfish are chewing insects – they prefer starch and simple sugars and will consume anything with these ingredients that are not stored in sealed containers.  They will destroy household items such as carpeting and clothing, adhesives, string, books and photographs – almost anything made of fiber.  They will also eat dead insects and their own molted skin.

Silverfish have never been the cause of any plague or epidemic and there is no evidence that they transmit diseases to people - the bacteria they harbor has not been found harmful to humans. The waste they leave behind is not toxic.

This pest is found throughout the world. Their natural range includes more humid climates but they are equally happy to live indoors where the temperature is constant and accommodating year round and the relative humidity is over 75%. This is why they prefer dark rooms with pipes or damp nooks.

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