Let’s face it silverfish are really ugly, more so than most insects. They are so alien in their appearance that they have inspired many a nightmare as well as monsters in movies and fiction.  Silverfish can be found in many Las Vegas homes.

They have thin, pale bodies, feathery legs, and darting, sinuous movements that make them disappear in a flash before they can be captured or killed. They are common in many houses but, being nocturnal creatures, people rarely see them. When they do discover a silverfish it is always an unpleasant surprise for both the insect and the person.

While silverfish do not carry disease to a home, however they can cause damage to the home's contents. They live off a diet that is rich in starch and simple sugars. They will consume anything that contains these ingredients. This does not only include unprotected food like flour or cereals. Silverfish will damage paper, adhesives, string, photographs, carpets, and clothing- all contain nutrients that silverfish crave. They also eat dead insects, their own molted skins, and the dead bits that people shed, most commonly dandruff, but also hair. They also can cause holes in clothing, drapery, and rugs depending on their construction. If they do not find enough appropriate food, they will consume synthetic fibers.

An adult silverfish can reach up to an inch in length. They become more grayish with a metallic sheen as they age. They live in cracks and tight spaces where they are difficult to find. They prefer moist areas such as basements, garages, and bathrooms.

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