lady bug



It is spring in Las Vegas and we should start seeing Lady Bugs all over the valley – from Aliante to Boulder City. Actually Lady Bugs are not bugs at all – they are in the beetle family.


There are around 400 types of Lady Bugs in the Coccinelildae family in the North American hemisphere and 4,000 types of Lady Bugs worldwide. The most common in the United States is the Convergent Lady Beetle.


Lady Bugs are the best known form of biological pest control and widely used for this purpose. They control aphids – a common garden pest including whiteflies, mealybugs, scales, mites and other soft bodied insects by consuming them.


The most common complaint about Lady Bugs is that they fly off to a neighbor’s house and leave your garden vulnerable to aphids attacking your roses or tomato plants. There are a few things you can do to get the Lady Bugs to stay. When releasing Lady Bugs in your yard – do it in the evening when they do not fly. Also spraying your Lady Bugs with a 50/50 mix of water and soda before you release them – this will make their wings sticky so they cannot fly for a few days. In the time they are staying in your garden the female should start laying eggs and because they are territorial the Lady Bugs that hatch in your yard will call it home.


Lady Bugs in the larvae stage look like a much smaller version of a fat alligator – they are much cuter when they are adults. While they are good for your garden you don’t want them in your home – a large amount of them inside is a nuisance.


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