The summer season has officially begun in the Las Vegas Valley and the swarming bees are out. The bees attack not only people in Henderson or Spring Valley – they attack animals as well.

Last week a swarm of bees attacked four dogs, Mickey, Roy, Rockey and Kai, -one Las Vegas police dog was killed and another was hospitalized last Tuesday after they were stung by a swarm of killer bees at their handler’s home in the northwest valley.

Officer Mel English was reading early Tuesday morning when he heard the dogs barking in their kennels. When he ran outside to check he was attacked by the bees, he said. “I threw on a sweat jacket and stuff, and ran out there and started getting (the dogs) out as fast as I could,” English said.

“It’s surreal… to walk outside, staring at this cloud of bees, and realize they’re attacking my dogs,” English said. “The next thing you know, you’re in it.”

This week construction workers disturbed a hive and the bees swarmed a man. No one in this incident was seriously hurt.

Bee swarms are more common this time of year because they're out looking for a new place to build a home. They may become especially aggressive if you're wearing dark clothing or have dark hair. And their keen sense of smell can lock in on sweet beverages. They can also smell fear. Keep that in mind if you encounter a swarm.

Don't panic. Stay calm. Leave them alone. If you see a swarm, and it comes to your yard, wait 24 hours before you do anything because they'll probably go away. If they decide to stay, call a professional. Don't try to get rid of the bees yourself.

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