Many Las Vegans have reported seeing tarantulas in the last week or so and the reason is it’s the end of mating season.  This is happening mostly in neighborhoods on the outskirts of town bordering on the desert. Desert Tarantulas or Aphonopelma iodius is part of the Theraphasidae Family - large, interesting spiders that are common in the desert around Las Vegas.

Tarantulas look scary however they are not after humans - the male tarantula are in search of female’s tarantula to mate with. While female tarantulas can live for up to 25 years, the average lifespan of the male is only seven or eight years, so their annual chances to spread their genes is limited. To make matters worse, female tarantulas have been known to eat the males if they linger too long after copulation.

Tarantulas are fairly high strung creatures and when they first see you there is a possibility they will rear up at you at first.  In fact that they are usually docile and in a lot of cases people have been known to pick them up and let them walk around on them.  There is some risk that they may bite and we do not recommend picking them up.

These spiders are nighttime hunters who will pounce on their prey.  They eat insects, beetles and grasshoppers.  The Goliath Bird-eating Tarantula species will eat larger prey, such as, lizards, snakes, frogs, bats and small birds.  

 It is rare to find a tarantula in your home however if you do cover it with a cup and slide it onto a piece of paper and release it back into the desert.

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