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A good portion of the human race is “creeped out” by pests and insects – and if you find them in your home you should eliminate any infestation you might find.  However in nature they do have a purpose and can benefit mankind.

Bees and Honeybees: The pollination of plants by insects is extremely important. Honeybees are for the most part the main pollinators they are responsible for an estimated 80 percent of all pollination in the United States. Pollination by Honeybees helps around $20 billion dollars in crops per year, including fruits, vegetables, and many nuts.  Honey is at the top of the list of products made by honeybees and beeswax that can be used as a base for ointments, polishes, and candle making. Forty percent of all beeswax is used in cosmetic manufacture for lotions, creams, and lipsticks.

Silkworms:  the value of silk from the silkworm dates back to around 2640 B.C. and currently China produces 30,000 tons of raw silk – that is 80 percent of the world’s supply of silk.  Most of our silk is produced in the cocoons of silkworms.

Many pests are considered parasites and predators – these keep the balance of nature and aid in biological control.  Most parasites are insects and serve to basically keep other pest populations from becoming too large.  There has been much success in biological control programs studied by researchers.

Insects are well known in various areas of arts and as pleasant to the senses. Butterflies for instance are probably the most appealing creatures in nature, with colors and patterns enjoyed by humans most of the year. Insects have been used by many societies throughout history, and have not been limited to one particular insect.

Native Americans in the United States used parts of insects in a manner similar to feathers in their crafts. Brightly colored wing covers of certain beetles are used for earrings by Jivaro Indians of Ecuador. The Egyptians chose a scarab beetle as a symbol of their sun God. Bees were depicted on ancient Greek coins. Most branches of art have exhibited insects in some form, including a great selection of worldwide postage stamps.

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