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Ants are one of the pests that we see in the Las Vegas Valley during the summer months and they come in several varieties. 

This pest is the most common insect that can be found in yards and gardens – most go unobserved living underground or out of sight.  However they find their way indoors through small cracks near utility pipes and the foundation of the home or damaged weather stripping round doors and windows. They come into the home looking for food and water.

More than twelve thousand species of ants have been classified. Most ants form colonies, which can range from a couple dozen ants to more than a million. Ants are workers, soldiers, drones, or queens. The queens are obviously the most important member, with some of them living years and producing millions of babies. Often the death of the queen marks the end of the colony.

There are various types of ants to look for – the following are some species we see around the Las Vegas Valley:

Desert Fire ants, not to be confused with the aggressive imported fire ants, have a copper brown head and body and can inflict painful stings or bites.  They are ground nesters and found inside near the kitchen or somewhere warm like a fireplace.  Outside they can be in clumps of grass or under rocks or stones.

Black ants are as their name says black.  They usually form their nests outside but sometimes will be indoors in areas that are moist. 

Carpenter Ants are also black.  They like to nest in wood by hollowing out spots in wood that can cause structural damage to your home.  They bite however do not sting and can fly in search of a good place to start a new colony.  They can be found in rotting fence posts, stumps and dead portions of standing trees.

Argentine Ants are light to dark brown in color.  They originated in South America and most likely got here thru coffee shipments. They are usually found near moist areas and their colonies will mix with each other and form what is called supercolonies. Because of the sheer size of these colonies they will drive out other insects.

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