brazilian wandering spider



This story is one of the strangest pest encounters anyone has experienced whether you live in London England where this took place or in the Las Vegas Valley.


A member of the family of four bought some bananas at a local grocery store chain in London. They were part of the Columbian fair trade agreement bananas that are exported to Great Britain and the United States.


At first the bananas were thought to be moldy but on closer inspection saw “funny looking spots” and then spiders started hatching out of the bananas onto the kitchen table and scurrying around the room.


A pest control company was called in and the family was ordered to leave their home as the spiders were deadly. The arachnids were thought to be venomous Brazilian Wandering spiders. Its bite can be deadly to humans, although antivenom makes death unlikely. They have been known to hitch a ride in banana shipments and given the nickname “banana spider”.


The home in London went through an extensive fumigation – including dry cleaning all the family’s clothes. The procedure took three days and at that time the family was allowed back into their home. The grocery chain paid all the expenses for all the spider related trouble encountered by the family.


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